Flow super as brood box

Hi, as a total noob can I use the flow super without the flow frames as a second brood box? As I’m not planning on using the flow frames until next year


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It’s not as tight as a brood box because of all the openings but it will work. You will have to transfer the frames into a different box when you go to use the flow super. I would buy a new brood box now and save yourself any grief.
Good luck!


I have done this with with two of my beekeeping students and it is working fine. I say, go for it!

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@ ffowen,

I see thots n comments on both sides the track … Where do you hale from (approx where you at)… Easier to give you advice or comment that way.

Gerald in Washington state.

How easy is it to get a second deep 8 frame box there where you are. I’ve finally figured your in England someplace. I’m on the west coast SE of Seattle in the foothills. I would judge our bee needs n climates similar…

Personally looking at my "Flow-Hive sýten here … It can be done like our young lady from Southern Cali says. But …sooner or later your going to need a second full hive (not saying a Flow-Hive) but an additional hive to split your colony to prevent swarming next year. If you use conventional frames your bees WILL ADD propolis making it more difficult to add your Flow-Frames next season. Many or most do run double hive bodies on that side the Pond too.

That said… N seeing no additional comments yet the choice is yours. I started with three hives n three Nucs … Bút now I have five full double deep hives of bees n honey supers on them too. That’s my thots n 2 cents worth !

Good luck what ever you decide n enjoy,


A box is a box. Sure you can use it. You’ll get the added benefit of the window on the side. The one on the end won’t work for you because the “glass” in the end is the flow frames…

Ok thanks for all your replies, I think I will get a dedicated brood box to save hassle later, may cut some windows in it☺

FYI we have the brood boxes (Langstroth 8 deep size, with our without standard frames) available for purchase separately here - http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/accessories/p/134

I was going to order some, however there are no more 10 frame? More in future or…

Thanks ordered one today

We have never had 10 frame brood boxes available for purchase separately. We have only had the supers available in the equivalent size to a Langstroth 10 frame so that you can modify an existing hive to have the Flow Frames on top.

This is what I was referring to

Oh okay, sorry, thought you meant the international website.
I’m not sure when they will be back in stock… with our other brood boxes it is just a matter of checking the website regularly to see if they are back in stock again.
I will ask the team though.

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Thanks Faroe, no rush, can just check the site