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Flow Super Hybrid


I have one full flow hive - looking to convert another couple of hives - has anyone used the ‘Flow Super Hybrid’? Seems a reasonable idea to reduce cost but still have the advantage of ease of extraction.


Plenty of threads discussing this just need to do a quick search with the magnifying glass.
Here’s a couple to start with.


Hi Phil, we have had mixed results with Hybrid compared to our full flow hive. They filled all other spaces first and then the flow frames. I made our own version and we let them build comb in the top and then swap lids when it is full. I like having the hybrid to be able to swap frames around from brood box to the super or from the other full flow hive.


Thanks Gaz - I too like the idea of swapping frames from brooder to super.
I did think they might be reluctant to fill the flow frames when there are traditional frames to fill.
I think it is a reasonable compromise that might suit my needs - so - will give it a go and see!


Exactly and easy to turn it into a full flowhive in the future if you change your mind.