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Hybrid Flowhive


We have been testing a Hybrid flowhive over the last year, 2 standard frames either side of 3 flow frames in the middle. Only 1 of 3 flow frames is ever 100% full and usually the side getting less sun. The stardard frames have been mostly filled over time. The filled cells on the flowframes are all capped and it appears the bees are leaving space for brood in an arched pattern. This happens sometimes on our full flow hive also but not as often.
We have harvested it ok you just need to go slow and make sure no leaks appear on the bottom corflute.
My thoughts on the hybrid now is that the flow frames need to be to one side or to the outside in order to yield more honey. We really decided to try it so we could have a super that we could rotate frames through.
Would be interested in others experiences with a hybrid. Anyway we are converting it to a full flow now.