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Flower Landscape & Prepping


Good Evening, I recently bought the Flow Hive system for my wife as a birthday gift…and she’s excited. My question(s) stems from how best to create a Flower Landscape on our property. Any suggestions on how best to prep 2 acres for flowers? Thank you all in advance for your feedback and support. Buda, Texas


Here in UK we can get seed from the producers of wild flowers or clover etc Try contacting your producers of flower seed, sometimes you can buy seed by the kilo


Awesome! Thank you for the feedback. Have a great day!


Check here they have a lot of options and blends


Wildflowers thrive only in the absence of vigorous grasses so if you have the machinery or access to it plough the lot up then seed with those bulk seeds mentioned. A mix of annuals and perennials will give you that first flush of blossom followed by a longer lasting flowers in years to come. Remember to include flowers that pollinators other than honey bees can use.
Failing that plant yellow rattle. It parasitises grass and will reduce your sward in the long term, then you can let your pasture return to wildflower.


Thank you so much for the feedback Adagna. I’ll be sure to visit the Buck Wild Flowers website. You’re too nice.


You too Dee. Thank you for the agricultural insight to a better wildflower landscape. Fortunately, we have over 2 acres to till and spread the wildflower seeds. I’m so excited to cultivate a nice landscaped area for the bees and their new Flow Hive that is to arrive early spring. Since we’re in Central Texas…I think it’s a perfect time to cultivate the terrain in preparation for the wildflowers. My only worry are wildlife…deer. We’ll manage somehow. Again, thank you too for your feedback. Wishing you and everyone a pleasant day/evening.