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Hive Placement and Spacing

I am going to be new to bee keeping with two Flow Hive 2+ that I recently ordered. I have already placed an order with someone local to purchase two nucs. I would like to try and figure out the best placement now, so I have time to create the perfect location prior to spring. I live in WV so I might get a few nice days over the next few months before “winter” really settles in.

We have about an acre of land above from where we live that we put a raised garden on for the first time this year. I plan on putting down wild flower seeds along a whole hill bank and there is a nook at the far end of the property which would be surrounded by forest on three sides that I think would be perfect for the two hives but what do I put on the ground so my husband won’t have to worry about weed eating around them? Do folks put down rocks or mulch? If so I would like to maybe out weed killer in that location now before anything goes down to top…but again…not sure what type of ground covering is the best.

Also, the stand legs for the two hives were sold out at the time of purchase, not sure when they will be back in…so what else do folks use as stands? Maybe cinder blocks to put them each a few feet off the ground? Any info would be a blessing and thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try to upload an image of the area that we are planning on putting the hives. TIA!

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Welcome, Kathy! What a beautiful location for your bees! What kind of animals live in the woods? You definitely should raise them up off the ground. I got my bees last April and am looking forward to the first harvest next spring. You’re in the right place to find help and to bee-friended!

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Hi Claire,

We have ALOT of deer and there is rumor of a bear (never seen on our trail cameras up there but others a few parcels over have seen one a few years ago). Other then the normal squirrels, feral cats and birds that is about it.
I also heard having them higher so it’s not as labor intensive on my back. I just haven’t gotten to read enough to find out if there is a certain height that is “too high”.
Congrats on your first year of bees and getting you first harvest next spring. YIPPEE!

I’m sure there are skunks too?

Actually, we have never seen skunks on any of the trail cameras.