Flowhive frame was capped only one outer section

i harvest honey from x2 flowhive yesterday, looked full and from sides saw some capping. but the honey was very ‘watery’.
so today went into hive and saw the x4 flowhive was almost full of honey and the capping was only on the outer part of the hive… only about 20% was capped so i was tricked.
my question is why did my ladies only cap the outer section of the flowhive…or was i just unlucky

The honey and bees are behaving as they do. It would be helpful for you to inspect the flow frames before harvesting to check the extent of capping. If you’d waited a week or so you probably would have found the honey has reached a point where the bees would have capped the comb, resulting in a nice low water content honey.

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Flow Hive Harvesting Checklist https://support.honeyflow.com/content/images/2020/10/Flow_Hive_Harvest_Checklist_12052016-text659.jpg