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Super frames Fully capped before harvesting?

Hi all,

Just a quick question about harvesting from the Flow Super.

Should the Flow Super frames be fully capped on both sides before attemting to harvest honey from them?

I am excitedly approaching my first harvest and my frames should be full in about a week. My outer Super frames are pretty much totaly capped off. Ill conduct an inspection of the middle frames before harvesting.

Thanks in advance for advice,


Yes - both sides open when you turn the key so between the 2 sides the frame should be 80+% capped.

Flow frame harvesting video

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As @chau06 says, the frames should be 80-90% capped on both sides of any frame that you are going to harvest. However, I strongly advise that you do not harvest more than 2 frames on any one day. The reason is that if you have a leak, the bees can usually cope with the leak from one or two frames. However, if all 6 or 7 leak on the same day, you may drown the brood or make the hive abscond. :cry:

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Chau06 and Dawn_SD,

Thank you very much for your advice.

I will definately take it on board for my harvest.



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Harvest the outer frames if they are almost fully capped and your excited to harvest fir the first time rather than waiting for the others.

All it will take is some bad weather or derth and the bees will strip the full frames (speaking from experience).

Even one frame to experience the joy of that first Flow hive harvest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Video it, upload to YouTube and then link it on here. We all love to see that first harvest reaction and joy :+1::ok_hand: