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Flowhive in JAVMA

My wife bookmarked this article for me to read and I noticed it is clearly a Flow Hive illustrated!

The use of biosensors to assess the health of the bee colony superorganism

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So who is the veterinarian? :wink:

Rusty Burlew has some similar pictures on honeybeesuite.com from a few years ago, showing a rodent invader. Her photos were from a reader using a FLIR camera attachment for a cell phone :blush:

My wife. Small animal surgeon.

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I have great respect for vets. Like pediatricians, their patients can’t tell them exactly what is wrong. Detective skills have to be finely honed to be any good at taking care of our patients. I am glad that you have an empathic wife.


Wait, you lost me.

I mean, she is a surgeon. So maybe the two cancel out. :joy:

Ah, that hoary old chestnut! The physician-surgeon banter. :rofl:

OK, but you know about nucleoli. So do pathologists, but they are often classified on empathic scales with surgeons. So how do we unravel this?

Back to hives and IR imaging. We have an old FLIR camera. Doesn’t work too well on our hives in California, as there isn’t enough of a temperature gradient. However, I might ask for a new one for my birthday in 5 months time. Actually, that might not be a good time of year to test it, but I might ask anyway