Anyone installed a Camera in hive

On one of the forums some was asking whether any one has installed a camera inside their hive. Wanted to know if any fellow FlowHivers have tried it. And what camera did they use

The Australian sentinel/bait hives have cameras in them (infrared) with movement sensors to track when a colony moves in:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo of the camera installation, but it sits in one of the lower corners in a a pyramid shaped box (ie. the corner makes the pyramid with the flat surface for the camera). The design encroaches a bit on the frame space. It wouldn’t be difficult to add one in… but the view may not be particularly exciting.


I’ve looked at doing just this. I recently got a small camera off ebay and if I have any luck I’ll post how it goes. I did find an expensive solution when googling but nothing on the reasonable side of affordable

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Probably not exactly what you’re after, but here is some footage from inside one of my temporary bait hives.

For comparison, here is the footage from the outside


The camera from eBay is no good inside the hive, but positioned at the entrance it is ok (it can also stream direct to your phone).

I can’t figure out how to post a video (short of posting it to youtube and then giving a link) so if anyone can let know how I can post an example of the footage. The camera used was only AUD30 from eBay.

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I have pretty good wifi range to my hive so I setup an old outdoor ip camera looking at the entrance to my flow hive. Basically as a security cam so I can check on my bees while I am at work.
It works really well. I am also waiting on a macro lense to arrive so I can get better focus close up shots.
The camera is white and they do not even notice it. When I move the camera remotely it does not bother them they just ignore it.
I will post some photos once i get the lense focus better. I plan to livestream it in slow motion to youtube if I can work it out.
I am also thinking of putting a small arduino camera inside the brood box between the box and exluder as it attaches with a thin ribbon cable.


I’d be interested to hear how you go with the arduino camera inside the hive. I haven’t found anything too affordable and effective inside the hive currently…