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Found Big moth in side the hive


We did the regular check of our flow hive classic, found there are 4 big moth dead in side the hive!!(they looks like hornet moth) Will it affects bees


Greeting 1117,

Please give us an approximate location. It’s very difficult to help or try to give accurate information.

Here are several pix’s n diagrams of a honet moth n several others. The photo of a moth you posted does not appear to be a wax moth. I doubt it is harmful to the bees but I’m
no expert on too many moths. I’m sure others will also see this post n comment too. Cheers,


Perhaps the death head hawk moth, it was featured in a video recently posted by JeffH.


Thanks Nichel, The hive is placed in the middle of Taiwan. It’s seems much bigger than hornet moth from your picture. There are no unusual behavior so far of our bees.


Huber has an entire chapter dedicated to the effect of the death’s head moth on bee colonies. Apparently sometimes they become a serious problem.


There was a piece done by David Attenborough about a Hawkmoth which mimics the asian honey bee pheromone & raids their combs at night. No damage to comb or bee simply robs a little bit of honey & flies off.