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Found Some Small Hive Beetles


Little boogers. They’s laid eggs in the carcasses of a few dead bees that were in my hive-top feeder.


Great video, Bobby. We have an ant disaster at the moment after starting to feed one of our hives. We have to stay alert when we intervene in the bees’ home life… :blush:


I cannot thank you enough for posting this. You see pictures of the small hive beetle larvae but nothing really gives you a perspective like a video, for relationship, there movement, color and size. I put like on the video because I like the video not what you found :slight_smile:

Now I know exactly what to look for I may have missed it before, thank you again


Very helpful Bobby & I got a kick out of watching you squish beetles to the ominous-sounding music :skull:


What brought this about was that I had let my hive-top feeder go empty. With it being empty, the carcasses of what looked like 6-10 drowned bees became available to the SHBs to lay in. The empty feeder also seems to provide some great space for the SHBs to hide in.

As you could see, I wasn’t overly concerned as the SHB were confined to the feeder and frankly, the behavior of the bees tells me that they were already doing a good job of policing up the larvae that had emerged - I’m just glad I noticed those bees carrying the SHB larva!

I just had to share this footage as I too have never seen any really clear examples or close ups of small hive beetles going about their business in a hive.


Glad you caught that :wink: