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Frame looks a bit strange


Hi I recently got my bees from a friend bee keeper, but wasn’t sure when he looked at them last. So I decided to inspect, however upon inspection I noticed one of the frames was very dark in the corners, very small and almost hard…I thought it looked a bit odd. (However I’m a neewbie so not 100% sure) do you think I should remove the frames?
Frame A:

Frame B:


No, they look OK to me, just old dark frames. They have capped honey and nice pollen stores in them - good food for brood. I presume these frames are on the outer edge of your hive or main brood area? You may want to rotate them out next season, but for now, they look fine.


Adam it is old comb - I assume it was a 5 Frame Nuc? Some people are not kind to new Beeks and will give them any old frames they want to get rid of.
If it is stores the bees will use it - slowly work the frame to the outside of your hive and eventually replace it with a fresh frame of Wax or wax starter strip.- make sure all the brood is hatched out before you discard it


Excellent! Thanks so much. You two are my Heros…always helping me! Thank you!


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I agree. Moving the frame to the side will lose you the pollen. Let the bees eat it first


Those frames look like typical frames I’d remove out of a strong colony during spring & summer as part of my swarm & SHB control strategies. It looks like the pollen could be right up to the top bars with a thin layer of honey covering it. I would just take them when I’m extracting honey, spin whatever honey is in them, then cut it all out & start again with fresh wax foundation.


That is exactly what the Bee Inspector said


To the actress??? :smiling_imp:


Our new bee inspector is a girl…we’ll have to knock her into shape :wink:
Generally our inspectors are absolutely wonderful in spotting disease. Our last chap managed to spot one dead larva on a frame full of brood. They aren’t always the most intuitive beekeepers though.


Well, she could always talk to the Bishop, if the Actress doesn’t work! :smile:


Like the scientists who recommend impossible treatments for bee diseases? :blush:


That’s the one. Go into the hive in the middle of winter, kill any capped brood then dribble oxalic!
Our lot won’t touch vaporising with a bargepole seemingly quite oblivious to the fact that a lot of us have been doing it successfully for years!