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Frame position one week after package install

Hi! I have been reading and learning a lot here, great information.

I did my first inspection today and as far as I can tell as is well since package install on May 2nd. I could not find the queen yet.

I have a question: six of the 10 frames have a comb on them, bees seem to be building from one end towards the center, is it ok to leave the frames as is or should I intercalate some of the empty with the ones with the comb? Does it matter?

Thanks in advance!


Leave them as they are, or you will stress the bees by making more work and rearranging their brood nest. :blush:


Thanks, Dawn! I figured it would be better to leave them alone, but since I am a newbie I wanted to check :smile:


You are correct, but also your photos are superb and very helpful. Well done, you will be a very good beekeeper. :blush:

Oh and by the way, welcome to the Flow forum! I am a bit slow off the mark today with a migraine. Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude! :wink:


Hi & welcome Natasha! Advice from Dawn with a migraine is still better than most :wink: …but get well soon, Dawn. Those frames do look beautiful, you’re lucky the bees seem to understand and are working inside the frames rather than wherever they want :smile:

What’s blooming in your area now?


Thanks, Eva! I know, I had a talk with them about efficiency :wink:

I am near Denver, Colorado, and mainly what I see around our house are Lilacs, pear and apple trees, and of course, dandelions. Not much just yet. We also have a community garden by the end of the street, so that will be a buffet for them later in the year.


I live north of you and the nectar flow is strong right now.


If your pears and apples are in bloom now, you might be slightly behind me here in southeastern PA. Possibly some of the even earlier blossoms are still out in your area - things like maples & willows, higher up and not as showy/easy to overlook, but rich with nectar and pollen!

Eva and Lamb1, good to know nectar and pollen are around!! :smile: So excited!

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Number your frames with a marker pen and put a direction arrow on the top as well that way you’ll never firget the order or side that was facing left-right.

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Great tip, will do :+1:

This is a great idea, @Nanucks. One thing to know though is that bees take exception to the smell of some marker pens. In particular, Sharpies get my hives quite excited. I still use them, just suit up and wear gloves. They calm down pretty quickly, but while the pen lid is off, they are annoyed! :blush:

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I use the paint pens I use to mark queen’s Dawn they don’t seem to mind this.


I have an old fountain pen I will try to use for this, maybe it has less of a scent like sharpies.

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I agree, those are fine. Usually water soluble. It is the aromatic solvent-containing pens which cause a problem for me. :wink:

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