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I’m bee-ing lazy! :smiley: :honeybee: :sun_with_face:
I built my own hive earlier this year and am in the process of building a super and another brood box for them (these little guys and girls are BUSY!)
I have a template of sorts but it’s on paper too big to scan/print out. I guess I could cut it down? Not sure how to print it out at scale either? .
I just thought I’d ask here if anyone has a printable template for making frames (Langstroth) or point me in the direction of one - I have done a limited search on the interwebs but more often than not I’m ending up at shopping sites.

Standard frame measurements

Would these be the correct dimension?
I’m going to draw up some templates

Those dimensions look pretty right to me. Do you really want to make your own frames? I get a hundred for $135.00. No matter how good I was with woodwork, it’s hard to justify attempting to make my own when they only coast a dollar 35 each. Plus they all go together perfectly. I often scratch my head, while I’m putting them together & wonder how they can do them for the price.

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Hey @JeffH
thanks for your reply!
Um, it’s more a matter of not being able to afford the $135 for 100 frames - as tempting as that is. I have to utilise what I have at hand out of necessity - not just the bees exploding out of their brood and running out of space, but having recently had a hip replacement and not being able to work for the foreseeable future has been (and IS) a real challenge financially. I’ve had to set up a GoFundMe campaign to help me cover my bills and medical costs…but this isn’t the place for that!
Thanks again for your reply.
I made a template from the Flow brood frames before I assembled them for the Flow hive we have, the sizes are a little different to what I posted above, nothing major. Just a matter of a couple of mill’s here and there. I need to be double sure of measurements before I cut anything, as I have a limited supply of wood. I may need to do a Bunnings pallet run (heat-treated only!)

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Well done @Christopher_L_Meyer, that pallet run to Bunnings will be a good idea then. I was going to suggest getting a template from your flow brood frames in my first reply. Good luck with your recovery.



It is a price of timber here :frowning_face:
Imagine if you could buy premium undressed pine board for 136.78 dollars per cubic metre (retail price). Factories in China pay much less for volumes.

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