Wanting new Bee Boxes with cut outs for flow frames

Hi everyone,
I’m in Melbourne, Australia and looking for someone willing to supply ‘ordinary/normal/inexpensive’ bee boxes with the precision cut-outs required for the Flow frames.
I figure there may be quite a few people with the same issue as me so I’ve posted this request as a separate topic.
For myself, I need a standard deep 8 frame ‘Langstroth’ box, with the cut-out at the front/top for 3 flow frames.
I don’t need side inspection windows.
I figure if enough people have the same, or a similar requirement, then someone might see a business opportunity here.
I certainly don’t have the requisite woodworking skills.

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I would love to find someone willing to make or help me make a basic start up hive. I can’t afford a Flow Hive presently, but hope to integrate methods in the future. I have 3 colonies of bees on my property but no hive to move them into. I’m also in Melbourne & am struggling to find anyone local.

Hi Kirsten,
Its a bit off topic, however you could try “The Bunyip Beekeeper” or “the Practical Beekeeper” they are both Melbourne based and regularly help out folks needing advice or assistance, some charges may apply.

Where did you get boxes for £10??

Good video, but I can’t really hear it. Not sure if it’s my headphones or the video?

Thanks Rodderick will check them out. The last of the three feral hives is about to swarm & rather than having to pass the swarm on I’d love to be able to keep this one! The person who came & took the last two swarms away left a trap, & for the last few days it’s been getting an increasing amount of attention, which is so exciting…

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Thanks for the link DextersShed but I’m in Australia & cost to ship & exchange rates preclude them as an option. I have looked for local suppliers but they are either outside my budget or out of stock for some time, or they are very poor quality. Will keep looking. If someone does have a workshop available with some tools & an interest in Bees maybe we could join forces? I’m in the Dandenongs (Melbourne).

OK. Thanks Dexter. Doesn’t look too hard.
And I’ve found the Youtube video from Stu and Cedar you’re referring to so now I’m off to get a jigsaw and have a go myself to modify an 8 frame box.

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Maybe my headphones chose to stuff up at that point :confused:

Glad you found that, I was going to send you a link to the pdf and video, but then Dexter did a pretty good video, so just left it at that.
I know you probably found this, seeing as you found the video, but just in case - http://www.honeyflow.com/media/docs/Flow_Modify_Lang_Box_Manual_v2.pdf

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