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Frames won't open


Hi - so I’m afraid this is a fairly dumb question. I can’t get the flow frame to open. I have a 4 frame lite in a modified box. They’ve been in place for about 6 weeks. There’s no honey and no caps (that’s a different story). today I tried to open the frames - just out of curiosity - and they would not budge. I had the handle in the bottom open and rotated down - to the point that the handle started to bent - and it would not move. I but it in the top just in case they were already open and I couldn’t tell - it moved easily but had no effect on the frame. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - g


… and these are Flow Frames not copies???


Absolutely – bought them through Indiegogo – I know I’m doing something wrong, I just can’t figure out what it is – what might be causing them to be “locked”?


Are they in a hive or out loose? Are you turning the key in the correct direction? In the correct hole??

Did you install the frames left open? Are all the frames the same? ie open or closed? Is the key going right to the end of the frame?

I know all that sounds obvious but when asking peeps about computer glitches always start with the obvious. Sometimes we can forget the simplest things


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