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Can't Remove Key from Frame


I ran into a snag as I was getting ready to put out my Flow hives out today. Per the instructions, I reset my frames for first time use by inserting the key into the top slot and turning it 90 degrees. The problem is that I can’t withdraw the key and go on to the next frame. Thinking it was just that one frame, I tried others, but the outcome was the same. I watched the instructional video, it’s pretty straightforward, but I can’t figure out why this is happening. This is one of the earlier production units, but I don’t think it’s a quality issue. Has anyone experienced the same issue and/or have any ideas of how to work through this?

Also, it doesn’t show in the video, but for the first time out, I assume the tube is kept in the unit at all times?


Hi @greekbecky, I haven’t read any issues on this forum regarding troubles removing the key from the frame. Once you have turned the key 90degrees are you then then turning it back to the start position and removing it? The frame has different slots (top and bottom) for opening and closing the frames so turning the key back to facilitate removal won’t open the frames.

As for your tube query, what tube are you talking about? Are you talking about the hard plastic tubular extension that projects from the frame or something else? If it is these extensions they are only put in place during an extraction. Outside of that you should leave the caps in place.


I would suggest turning the key all the way round,ie 360 deg and not 180 deg. I have done this many times when the key is tight. Once you have turned the key in the top slot or the bottom slot it should move in and out freely.
Like always I only do a few cells at time and takes me 4 or 5 turns for the key to be fully in.
There is nothing for the key to snag on


Hi rebecca,
I don’t understand how the Flow Key can be stuck. Can you please post some photos or videos so that I can understand the situation, and how it could get stuck.

You should be able to turn the key in all directions in the top slot of the Flow Frame, and then remove it.
Once the cells have been reset = put in the closed position, you can turn the key as much as you want in the top slot, and it won’t open the cells.
It will only open the cells when you put the key in the lower slot.
So don’t worry about turning the key to get it back out of the Flow Frame.

Here is a video on resetting the Flow Frames before initial use:

Here is the harvesting video:

You only put the Flow Tubes in when you are harvesting.
When you are not harvesting the caps should be in the lower part of the Flow Frames.

Here is our new manual:

Here is our harvesting checklist:

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:


I think she must be trying to pull it out with the rod still in the vertical position. You need to turn the key- then turn it back and pull it out. If you just turn it it will be wedged in place and hard to pull out?


Once I am convinced the frames are in the correct position, after I have turned many times, left right and centre of the slot I can remove the key in the vertical or flat. I believe it is important that the key be free to move in any part of the slot.


Thank you Busso, that did the trick. I’m not sure if this was part of the problem, but it was very hot that day, so maybe the plastic expanded a bit.


Thank you Faroe, I reviewed these videos prior to resetting the frames…;). All is good now.


That was not the case, it was just very tight. As I mentioned, I had an early production unit, so this was just an odd thing.