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Free Sign for Apiary Yard


My local authority in Ontario Canada requires that I post signage to alert passerby people that I have a bee yard. I had no luck finding a ready-made sign so I grabbed a template from Adobe Illustrator and made my own and ordered it to be printed on Aluminum from a company in TX called buildasign dot com. Anyway, I thought maybe someone else could use the template I made for free.

. Enjoy.


Nice sign. I bought several from Amazon for our Community Garden apiary. They may not be available in Canada, but here is one of them:

Here is the apiary, with signs in place:



Hi Dawn! Thanks for the photo of your setup at the community garden. In Ontario Canada the sign has to have the operator’s name and contact phone number to be compliant with the government rules here. I am just getting started-- really I’m setting up for spring 2018 and learning all I can before hand and really enjoy reading the community posts, and yours in particular. So much knowledge here-- thank you for sharing it.


Hi Tim ,

That is fantastic I have downloaded it will use one for home and some more at our other site where we have 3 hives in a community set up of around 200 familys on an island :slight_smile: will post some pics up after 1st week of November as we will be harvesting all three hives getting kids and familys involved in spinning honey out and bottling etc :honeybee::grinning::grinning::honeybee: kind regards
Mark Kate and Kids