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Freebies in the garden


Just like to share some fotos of a swarm I found yesterday in an apricot tree.
Took two attempts to shake the bees into the box. At the first attempt the girls were all back on the tree within an hour.
No frames in the super for now.


Nice looking swarm, and lovely fruit on the tree too! :blush:


Nice pickup. Do you know where they came from? It’s always good when bees from an outside colony turn up. I got 2 last year that I’m 100% sure weren’t mine. One this year that I think could be mine.


JeffH, Probably my neighbours bees. He has about 80 hives,(one less now). Don´t think they are my bees because mine are noticably smaller. Bought three nucleii from a local chap in october because I lost all my bees during the winter. Very good tempered and super workers.


Steve, it doesn’t sound like they’d be from your hives. With 80 hives in your neighbors property, a couple of swarm lures might be on the cards. You should never have to buy another bee :slight_smile: