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Freezing frames for winter feeding

I live in Victoria Australia, so my flow hives are in full swing at the moment, I did have a second brood box that I put on in November before putting on my flow super, but there seems to be mostly honey in my second box before my girls started on my Flow frames.
So I harvested the second box and put the flow hive super back as my second.
I have frozen 3 frames of mostly capped honey (1/4 uncapped).
My question is can I use these frames for winter stores for the hive…(same bees, same honey)
any insight would be much appreciated.

Those 3 frames would be ideal for winter feeding. No problems whatsoever.

I’m on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. I don’t have to feed my bees during winter. Be aware that bees normally constrict the brood during winter, while at the same time replacing it with honey. There’s always more honey in the brood boxes during winter. It could be similar down there, which could mean that feeding the bees may not be necessary. Some local knowledge would be handy.

Welcome to the forum, cheers

Thanks JeffH, that makes me feel better,
I did start my hive later in the season last year , and my local beek told to get feeding as they needed to be strong for the winter coming which worked out great,
but know I’m thinking because I have some extra frames of honey that I have frozen because it wasn’t totally capped . I was thinking ill save this for the winter… thinking that it would be better than sugar syrup.
but I do understand that they might not feeding if they are strong enough but would it be a problem if they have an extra 3 frames of honey for winter?

You’re welcome @Keenanbrothers, it wouldn’t be a problem if the bees had access to those 3 frames even if they didn’t need it. Be aware that a strong colony still needs plenty of food on hand to sustain them during a dearth.

I recently watched some videos of a commercial Canadian beekeeper. He takes every bit of the bees honey. Then open feeds them sugar syrup. Your bees will be very lucky in getting their own honey back :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this, so it’s great to know.
I swapped a frame of honey out of the brood box and into the flow super and replaced it with a frame with foundation (placed in the centre of the brood box). I wasn’t sure if I could freeze the frame of honey when it wasn’t 100% capped so that’s great to know - it’s still sitting in the flow super and is covered in bees.
I will be freezing it laying flat so was slightly concerned the honey might seep out.
I think I’ve read that it should be wrapped in glad wrap? I’m not even sure the frame will fit in the freezer yet so fingers crossed.

The hive in question has become increasingly ‘hot’ and i"m busily reading about how to maybe deal with it, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

It will seep out and leave a sticky frozen mess. If it is not capped, you need to freeze it upright. Plus yes, I always wrap mine in cling film, but that doesn’t stop the honey from seeping out… :wink:

Personally, I think if you’re not sure if a frame will fit in the freezer, I’d leave it out & harvest the honey through crush & strain or something like that.

Looking forward to reading of your hot hive.


I was lucky that my frames fitted nicely into the freezer, The uncapped honey didn’t run at all.