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Gap between brood box and bottom board on new Flow Hive


Has anyone else had this problem?

There is a lot of space between the brood box and the bottom board. The gap is very uneven from left to right on the back of the hive. I’ve included two pictures below.

The table I’m using is level, the assembled brood and super boxes have been squared, and I don’t know what is causing this.

My surveying shows me that the angled “wedge” pieces on the top side of the bottom board are uneven.

I can’t imagine a gap of this size is expected or normal~

I’ve emailed Flow Hive support and according to their email auto-response, I should receive an answer in the next 3-4 days.


Looks like the SBB needs to be sanded straighter and smooth @beethinking


What looks weird is my bottom board has an angle to tilt the flow frames back. These pictures don’t seem to have that angle.


There are 2 wedge shaped piece of wood that cause the hive to be tilted back. The ones I received had a 2.9 degree angle to them. The one in the second photo you posted clearly is messed up. It (1) is not flush to the rest of the construction and (2) does not have the proper angle. I assume the board in the other side was done correctly. That 1 piece of wood is causing all of your problems. They need to send you a new bottom board.


Most gaps in most hives (they are common due to wood warping etc.) can be fixed by setting something really heavy on top until the bees glue it down. A concrete block works pretty well…


To be clear… as someone who has been woodworking for 15 years, the hive manufacturer made a mistake. They should fix it. From the responses I have seen from them on the forums, I am sure they will send you a new bottom board. The sandwiched board between the brood box and the bottom of the bottom board is not cut properly. This is going to cause a lean from left to right that should not be there.

The manufacturer (beethinking) seems to have some quality control issues, as, I don’t see how these types of mistakes make it through an inspection.


Here’s how the gap looks between my brood box and bottom board. Looks much different than your photo. It appears you have a definite manufacturer issue.


I’ve taken to putting two concrete blocks on diagonally opposite corners matching the upwarp. Wood often gets a twist or “winding” as its moisture content changes with the seasons. If the timber grain pattern runs the same way around your box, the winding problem will be worse. If you’re assembling a box, you can sometimes counteract the winding by reversing the side pieces.

To check the timber pattern, look at the end grain. It should show the curve of the growth rings. You want this curve to alternately point in and out from one piece of the box to the next.


Thanks, everybody. I’ve been in touch with Flow Hive customer service and they’ve been helpful and responsive.

Thanks for all your input and ideas.



Read the assembly instructions again. I think your metal strip belongs in that gap.