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Gap Between Flow Frames and Metal Strip on box

I have a 1cm gap between the base of the flow frames and the metal strip on the base of the box…bee’s can fit through the gap. Anyone had this problem?

When I first set my super I had a gap there, not so big. My issue was I hadn’t backed the screw out far enough at the top of other end of the flow frame. When I backed that out and it was a snug fit the gap disappeared. Hopefully this solves your issue.

With the size of the gap though I also have to ask did you install the metal bar on the super sides that where recessed for it?

Other than that a few photos will help with working through what the issue is. As you have identified you don’t want bees leaking out the back of the flow super.

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Hiya Simone, welcome to the forum, this issue has arisen in the past and…
I’d contact info@honeyflow.com (please include a photo) so they can rectify this for you.
How’s that @Freebee2 :innocent:


Thankyou. This is my 3rd flow hive and I have not had this problem before. I will give them a call on Monday. Thankyou for your help.

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3rd flow hive and have not had this problem before, will give flowhive a call.

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Would be interested in seeing some photos and what the issue was and what the fix was.


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