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Garden Of Eden Bee Rescue


The bees had only arrived 2 days earlier. The bloke’s name is Eden. We found that after arriving 2 days earlier, the queen was already laying. Here’s our video of the rescue & a 2 day update.



Luv your chinese safety boots Jeff, where did you pick them up from?


Hi Max, thank you, I think Wilma picks them up from Lowes.


Wonderful video, thanks Jeff & Wilma! I’m also impressed with your fancy bee scooper :wink:


Thank you Eva, that was what Eden brought out from the kitchen. The daylight was running out real quick & we didn’t want to do a second trip. If we did that again, we would have started an hour or more earlier to give the queen a better chance to get onto the brood. As you saw, no bees were on the brood when I put the frame in the hive. One more hour would have made the difference.

With more time up our sleeves &/or if it was a bit closer to home & we could do a second trip, all we needed to do is place the flower pot on top of the hive on it’s side once we know the queen is in there, then all the rest of the bees will go into the hive.


Brilliant shots Wilma! You definitely got your classic shot of bees & Queen. yet another beautiful queen too.:slight_smile:
How’s Cooroy’s Black Mountain going?


Hi Kirsten, Wilma said “thanks”. Sadly Cooroy’s Black Mountain got superseded. It’s her daughter that we saw in our last video. She’s going to a good home in a flow hive.


That’s a shame, she was beautiful, I’m sure her daughter will live up to the great Cooroy name :wink: Lucky Flow hive owners…


Hi Kirsten, thanks. I’ve been doing some thinking about these queens Wilma & I get so excited over. It’s similar to a toad/frog or a banana/plantain thing. A toad is a frog, however a frog isn’t a toad. A plantain is a banana, but a banana isn’t a plantain. All good queens look impressive, however not all impressive looking queens are good queens.

The 3 queens I killed a while back was hard to do, they were beautiful looking queens. I guess as far as queens go, they ticked every box except one. The good temperament progeny box. Her progeny was angry & virtually unworkable.


Good point @JeffH, nicely made.


Hi & thank you Kirsten, we did our Kingaroy trip today to do the wax/foundation swap. Wax has certainly gone up. 2 weeks ago they were paying $12.65 a kilo for clean wax. Today it’s $14.50 +gst. I’m not sure if the $12.65 included gst or not. At $2 a sheet now, I’m still recommending that people use it. An hour ago I put a link to someone else’s video that shows how beautifully the bees build on wax foundation.


Will see if can find the post