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Gecko on my coreflute insert!


A question from a new beekeeper
This evening while checking my bees I pulled the coreflute insert
Our from the screened bottom board to have a look for any dead bettles
& when I did there where no bettles but a Gecko on it!
Is this a bad thing or not?


i would say its a good thing. I don’t see him eating many (if any) bees! But I could see him eating a wax moth larvae- or a hive beetle?


Now I have found one under the roof!
I hope they are friendly! Because there are a lot of Gecko’s at my house


It’s funny you raise this topic because recently someone told me that he saw a gecko on the landing pad of his hive just before dark eating SHB as they arrived at his hive. That was interesting to hear. Maybe that’s what’s at your hive, the gecko is eating all the shb’s.


@Nux If you have a weak stomach when it comes to bee slaughter - you’d better not watch this: