Do geckos eat bees?

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks back I noticed a small gecko in the roof of my hive so I gently moved him somewhere else as a precaution. A couple days later, I noticed there were 2 small geckos in there and so I moved them again because I wasn’t sure if they would kill my bees. Just today, when inspecting the brood, I noticed the gecko was inside the brood box, running around on the frames. I also noticed that the bees didn’t seem to mind but I wasn’t able to catch him.

I was just wondering if anyone knows if geckos actually eat bees? Some people online have said they do, while some said that they live in the hives and eat beetles. I have to admit, I don’t see many beetles in my hive so I hope it’s because the geckos are eating them.

Does anyone know if I should leave the gecko or get rid of him? It’s just a normal house gecko.

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Victor :grinning:

When I was working with a beekeeper with about 80 hives I spotted some geckos and lizards in the hives and around.

He didn’t seem to mind them being there…


I’m guessing small hive nettles are probably a better sized meal for smaller geckos. Plus the stable warm temps and humidity inside the hive would be a welcome environment for most geckos. Though most geckos could probably eat a bee if they wanted or needed.

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Geckos would make a feast of the beetles but while the gecko is small the bees would be more than a mouthful. If they are not being attacked by the bees so far as they are concerned the gecko might actually be a friend.

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I found a big fat gecko on my coreflute recently. I am happy to lave them ‘bee’ in my hives- if they eat the odd bee- good for them. I see them eating more wax moth larvae than bees probably.