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Removed Varroa boards today. No sign of Varroa however one of our hives has removed a substantial amount of pollen. Hundreds of small yellow compressed pieces of pollen thrown out of the hive. Why is it so?

Also can pre mixed sugar syrup spoil ?

Does it have a best before date ? Considering using syrup from last year that is stored in original container. Syrup has not discoloured in any way ?


syrup can ferment, that is about the few ways it can spoil. If it is prepackaged I would assume it was made in sterile conditions and pasteurized or sterilized before being sealed so I would think it’d be okay. Just smell it to make sure it has no off putting aroma. If it’s fermented it will likely be cloudy or have a cloudy sediment on the bottom and smell of alcohol.

As to the pollen I’m not sure. Perhaps they needed the cell space for brood and so they had to toss it?