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Removing Capped Syrup?


Rookie POV:
If I had it to do over again, I’d not feed syrup to my hives. I now feel that I’ve irretrievably contaminated my 2 hives with syrup that, according to anecdotal information here, could persist for multiple season/years as it can be moved to honey supers by the hive’s workers.

Does anyone follow a procedure to uncap just the honey/syrup comb portion of an individual frame to rid it of the assumed contamination of syrup?

Is this done? Is this practical?

Thank you.


If you are worried - take out what you consider syrup frames and freeze it until you needed to feed the bees then feed them with that.

Replace the syrup frames with frames of foundation or empty frames if you are foundation-less. If it is on the Flow frames just bleed it off into jars to feed back at a later date.


Hi, personally I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I think the bees consume/use more honey that we give them credit for. By the time your ready to do your first harvest, the amount of sugar syrup honey in the honey will be minuscule to none at all.

I remember reading in one of my first beekeeping books, that for every kilo of honey us beekeepers take, the bees use something like about 6 kilos of honey for their own everyday use. If that is correct, that fact is well worth consideration.


I don’t think you have. I just wouldn’t feed any more, unless they need it. I told you how to judge that in my other post. Developing that judgment is what makes you a beekeeper. I wouldn’t try to remove the syrup now, just don’t put icing on it. :smile:


As it’s been stated already don’t think you have anything to worry about, New beekeeper here’s well but trying to translate between what I’m reading and what I think you might be saying.

If you have not fed your bees any syrup once you have put your honey super on as stated by Jeff I don’t think you have anything to worry about at all it’s been consumed and refilled the cells with honey.

If you have just take it off I think you’ll be okay


Thank you all for this thoughtful feedback.