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Getting a roof?


i’m thinking of ordering a Flow Super to go along with my full flow but I would like to get the same roof so they look nice together.
Any plans of selling these as add ons?


Get plans for one. I’m sure they will oblige


Nice idea Valli but I’m not at all handy and don’t have any tools either :smile:


Not sure I follow… if it’s a complete hive it has a cover (roof). If you are buying a super, it will need to go on a hive. It’s not a hive in itself. So either you add it to the existing hive, or you buy components to make a hive and add the super to that hive. The hive needs a roof. The super just goes on the hive.


The full flow comes with Flow Super / Brood box / Flow Frames / Base / Roof / Inner cover / Queen excluder

When ordering the Super alone I get the only the box the flow frames are added in, I can get the brood box and base locally but the roof has a distinct look and I would like them to be the same :smiley: