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Getting my bees to like their new Flow frames


Hello everyone!

I am concerned that my bees aren’t taking to their Flow frames. I have read in another topic … Leveraging Sugar Syrup to help bees familiarize and fill Flow-Frames? that one could use wax and sugar syrup to encourage them, but it might be too late for me to do that. I need some advice please!

I am a complete newbie to beekeeping. My Flow Hive arrived in early March (I was a Kickstarter supporter), and I found a local beekeeper to help me with getting started. I live in Italy, and we have had what my beekeeper friend describes as a “disgraceful” season. Lots of rain …

A very small swarm was introduced to the hive in mid May, and my friend has been nurturing them. Last week he deemed the hive ready for the super and we transported the hive to my property (it seemed foolish to me to be transporting the hive, but anyway it all worked out OK … :sweat: )

I added my super last week and I have been watching them anxiously …

A week later and my bees seem completely disinterested in the Flow frames. There are a few wandering around on the clear plastic of the viewing window, but none on the actual frames.

The brood box is crowded with bees … the frames were all full with a mix of brood, honey and pollen when we inspected it last week, which is why we decided it was time for the super.

I don’t really want to disturb my bees again so soon. Should I just be patient? I am very happy to wait for them … I am doing this for the learning experience, and if I get no honey at all this year that is no problem.

Or should I take the super off and put some wax, honey or sugar syrup in there?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Don’t worry mine was like that for a few months. I would hardly see a bee in the window. Dribbled their own honey and wax on the frames. Still no result fed sugar syrup above the flow frames still not interested. As soon as the honey flow starts you will be amazed how quickly they will seal the gaps with wax and fill up the Flow Frames. Remember you have your schedule and how you think things should progress the bees have another. Trust them if there is nectar about and they have finished maximising the brood they will fill them for you. Let us know how you get on.



As your local mentor n expert beekeeper said, if it’s a bad nectar year no amount of teasing the :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s with beeswax n syrup will make them do what they’re not going to do !

Not sure if your local beekeeper use double deeps or not … I’d go with what ever works locally … And just enjoy the fascinating life of the bees n learn… A strong nectar flow n swelling/large healthy with more than adiquate resources is needed is needed to attract the bees up into any honey super. Take local advice n get your colony ready for the fall n winter ahead.

Not to be discourage please be patient. The bees can’t give you what they don’t have. Next season is the awesome promise of yet another honey season. Your colony will already have a hive box or two drawn out. That also took a lot of bee energy n resource to accomplish so that’s a PLUS ! Get them thru the winter safely n you’ll see more progressive results next Season 2017.

At least you have bee smell on your new flow. That being said… Next year add the beeswax n syrup as suggested as your colony is strong n ready then pray/cross your fingers, whatever it takes for a great nectar/pollen flow next season. Many of our Southern California Beekeepers are having similar bad seasons because of dreaths n droughts so your not alone.

Good luck n get ready for this winter,


Hi TreeCamper. Thank you, that is very encouraging! I am going to relax and just enjoy watching them in that case.


Thank you @Gerald_Nickel I will be patient, and enjoy the Italian life style! My beekeeper mentor says this is one the worst years he has seen, and he is in his late 70’s …
I’m not at all discouraged, just relieved that I have done anything wrong (yet)!


David, it’s exciting n fun at all levels… You have a great attitude :+1:… The primary goal is to keep our colonies healthy n happy then someday a little “Golden Luquid” won’t hurt ! Yummy ! I’ve started five new hives this year. Just getting back into beekeeping after 55 years away. Even I’m learning new stuff … Things have really changed from the old days 1950’s n 60’s. But what the Heck ! Life is all a learning curse !!

Thanks for the nite n enjoy !
Gerald :honeybee:

teaching ESL to older adult Vietnamese here. Class party time.


My outer flow frame doesn’t have much other than the cells closed up with wax. Although the inner four frames are close to 2/3 of capped honey on both sides. I melted some wax on the frames and that seemed to help. At the first week in I was at the same point you are now. I read other posts stating the same thing and give the bee’s time. As long as the conditions are right they will start putting honey in the frames. Gerald is right though make sure they have the resources needed for the winter.


Thank you @John_Yeager. Sorry about the delay in my reply, I didn’t receive the useful email. My bees have started showing more interest in their Flow frames, but the weather here has been very un-seasonal, and I am going to start making preparations for winter … lots to learn!