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Going Up! Adding a second brood box, Ball Ground, GA, USA


Along with my Flow Hive, I have a typical 10-frame hive. This past weekend it was time to give the colony more room to grow as the bottom hive body was 80% filled with drawn comb.

Gearing up!

Inner cover off.

Not busting at the seams, but far enough along to warrant more space.

Exterior frame of capped honey and nectar removed and getting ready to check next frame in for brood.

Calming them a touch.

Inner brood frame. I moved this along with the frame of food to the new upper chamber to encourage

Cleaning up the inner cover.

Rebuilding the stack.

Happy Beek

Adding a 2nd Brood Box, Kansas City, USA

Bob, congrats ! Looks like the colony is doing well n your enjoying the time. Great pix’s ! Frames look well balance n drawn out.

Mine are 10 day in their new 10 frame hive n doing well n even faint beeswax on outer side of both wall frames. I need to watch mine too. Guessing adding will depend on what I find next Monday. I will finish last two 10 or 11 day inspects today. It was to chilly n wet yesterday so as it warmed up mid afternoon I inspected my “birch hive” I’ve named mine afther tree species.

. . . Last pix is my small pond n waterfall where my girls get their water.

Got to blast out of here n get busy n doing stuff. Take care. Thankz for sharing great pix’s. Gerald.



Looking good but have a comment.

I would not split the brood into the upper box, I would keep it together and use an outer comb or two to get them moving up.

Other than that its looking good but resist the temptation to expand too early.



Roger that. Will resist the urge.