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Green mould in flow roof

I have the flow hive that I have painted with specialist organic outdoor paint (knights). The bees have been installed for about a month now and doing well but I have noticed a green mould along the top inside of the roof. Is this normal? Will it harm the bees? And what’s best to get rid of it? I also saw lots of teeny tiny bugs on top of the crown board. Again is this an issue or a normal thing in hives? I’m in the north west UK

There are many threads discussing mold in various places in the hive - here’s a link to a recent one.

Thanks much appreciated

As @chau06 says, this is much discussed. However, I would like to add that most hive mould isn’t green. It is usually black, pink or white. Green suggests algae to me, which may mean a roof leak. I know that some of the UK had torrential rain recently, don’t know if that included Lancashire though.

In any case, whether mould or algae, it won’t hurt the bees. If it is a leak, you might want to seal the roof with some caulking (or mastic in the UK). If you want to kill it, spray on a solution of 10% household chlorine bleach in water, leave about 20 minutes, rinse off and dry throughly, preferably on a sunny day. That will kill mould and algae, plus it won’t hurt or annoy your bees. :wink:

Thanks. There is no leak I’ve checked and it’s had 4 coats of paint on it….it’s always raining in Lancashire! I’ll clean it as you suggested and then see if it comes back,

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