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Mildew in Hive lid

We’ve had a lot of rain lately and last week I discovered both of my hive lids are leaking. I dried the water on the top board and then covered my hives with plastic which has fixed the problem, so far. I will fill the gaps with bees wax when we have a couple of fine days. Today I have found mould forming in the top of my new hive lid which I wiped off. What I need to know, what do I do to eradicate the mould without compromising my darling girls.

Just dry it thoroughly
It’s always handy to have a spare roof or two


And a spare box or two, bottom board or two, spare frames or twenty… Where does it end!!!

Except flow isn’t selling any spare roofs. That fact wrecked my enthusiasm for my boutique apiary.

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As the others have said, just keep it dry. Bees have lived with mould for millions of years.

If you feel totally compelled to remove the mould, dilute some household chlorine bleach about 1 part bleach in 10 parts water and spray it onto the mould. Leave in the sun for a couple of hours, then hose off thoroughly and allow to dry in the sun. Bees don’t mind dilute chlorine - they drink swimming pool water all the time! :blush:

Why do you need a Flow roof? Any roof will do till it dries out

Never. You know that!

The key was in the descriptor… She wants a “boutique” apiary = pretty and expensive. :smile:


Ah. I am an apiary slob. Mine look a mess.


WOW dawn, you are just a very rude person. I have had an interest in bees for a very long time and did not take the plunge for an equally long time because I wanted to get it right. Your comments are un-called for and I can only deduce that you are a typically classic Flow Hive snob and typical of the English, very resistant to change. ( I know this as my heritage is (sadly) English ). If you can’t help on this forum, DON’T comment!!

Thank you Dee. Your help is much appreciated.

Wow, Dianne, I am flabbergasted and gob-smacked. :cold_sweat: You obviously don’t know me, or anything about me, but why should you? So sorry you feel that way.

I actually know @Webclan pretty well, and she is very particular about how she does things. I am about to send her family a pot of honey, so I hope that she thinks I am OK. The comments I made were to amuse her and @Dee. If either of them are offended, I will immediately erase my post and stop posting on this forum. Plus I promise never to reply to any of your questions again, in case I say something bad.



Hi Dawn, there is obviously a misunderstanding here. I loved your comment, and it was directed at me. Of course I am very particular about things, especially my flow hives. And I thought I will barge in with a comment because I am very upset that I can’t buy more flow roofs.
I love this forum and I love your comments. You have helped so many people and your patience is unfathomable. Please stay, for all of us.
Dianne just thought the comment was for her. Maybe as a flow hiver she had some unsavory remarks to deal with before. We all have to.


I think you misunderstood what Dawn meant- there was no intention to be rude… and Dawn actually spends a lot of time helping folks here- indeed she is one the most prolific helpers…

getting back to the roof: can I suggest you upgrade it by removing it: Take off the wooden slats and tack/staple a layer of aluminum flashing over the wooden A-Frame part of the roof and then screw the slats back on through that layer? This will make the roof watertight and increase the insulation value.

If you have the cedar version of the hive this is particularly a good idea as it is not particularly waterproof as is and on our Cedar hive we noticed after 12 months that the gaps between the slats etc had widened and were allowing water and wind to enter that space… I have done this to all my flow hive roofs- it’s a 20 minute job once you have the flashing.


Dianne, Dawn is not rude, ive read hundreds of her posts and shes generous with her time and knowledge to newbs and the olds alike. I dont post much but ive followed many on here, she’s fine ya know.
Yr misunderstanding me thinks


Sometimes I misread things and go off at a tangent.
I believe you thought the comments may have been directed at you…if you re read the posts, they obviously were not.
Dawn has a wicked sense of humour and in this case was having some fun with her mates.
There is room in this forum for a bit of light hearted banter .


Hey DD you can’t do that. Who would answer all those questions people ask when they can’t be bothered of looking in the search box.



Hang in there Dianne … This is a great FORUM but few of us including yours truely have a little witty humor at times …

Beekeeping encompasses a huge cross section of dudes n dudette old, young n inbetween …

Trust me this maybe be A Flow-Hive forum but I for one only have 2 out of eight … Some on here don’t at all or are “Dreaming” about ownership. What’s awesome is the free exchange of great info n comments.

Like I said earlier… "Hang in there n read the threads … Many of us have been aboard awhile now but do WELCOME All !

Cheers to you n yours . Happy Beekeeping !



Maybe I’d better go back out n see which lid/roof is actually on my flow-hive … Been having issues earlier … It was the only colony that Swarmed on me. Queenie left cells but they didn’t rekindle the Fire ! So finally requeened … That wasn’t instant back on track so to help I had one 5 frame deep Nuc that was only " So So " … I made/did one of those “Newspaper Mergers”. Now the the joined colony is fighting it’s way up to a viable head-count to survive our winter a ways ahead. I’ll be happy just to have the girls put up winter rations.

I had a second colony/hive that’s 8 frame so in hopes of a Flow-Super dribble I moved it to that Fir House in HOPEs I might get to turn a harvest time Flow-Key n see something dribble into a jar or two. Our main flow is on so we will watch n see. Fir isn’t totally up to snuf but way better than my actually Maple Hive/Flow-hive !

Nuc’s n Queens (because of the longer, wetter, cooler atmospheric conditions have been a little disappointing this season. We got wet/cold stuff forecast again next 24 to 48 hours again. We are hanging on n surviving here in Puget Sound.

Here’s couple pix’s (one of my Flow-hive n other of another 8 frame hive (Fir Hive) that I topped with the 6 frame Flow-Super.

Ta Ta ,

Lovely Gerald :slight_smile:
That roof is pretty but I’m sure it needs proper weatherproofing underneath