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Greeting from Rishav, India


My name is Rishav Pasari and I had been working in Managerial Level in a Bank but thought of something out of the box and came up with doing beekeeping and updating techniques into the Indian Traditional Beekeeping with the help of the all. Bees also stays together to create something that is priceless, so I look forward to learn and support from everyone to create something priceless for everyone.

If anyone can guide on how to start and how to proceed for the best quality through traditional techniques.

Also, suggestions are most welcomed.


Rishav Pasari

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Hi Rishav, welcome! So you have a lot of hives already, and what a big change from your banking career! I’m sure you’ll benefit from all the knowledge here on the forum, and more so if you could give us an idea - and pictures! - of what traditional Indian beekeeping is like.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this topic yet, hope it helps:


Welcome Rishav!

I’ve been reading a book called The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore by Hilda M. Ransome. It’s so interesting and I enjoyed the chapter about beekeeping in India. Here’s an excerpt:
“The Sanscrit word for honey is madhu, which is etymologically identical with the Greek methu and the Anglo-Saxon medu, mead. The gods Vishnu, Krishna, and Indra were called Madhava, the nectar-born ones, and their symbol is the bee. Vishnu is represented as a blue bee, resting on a lotus flower. The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of life, resurrection, of Nature whose power slumbers until the warmth and light of the Sun calls it to life. An old poem contains these lines:

When the sun rises, the lotus flower opens
And frees the bees from their prison.


Claire, how amazing is that!!? Im looking forward to savoring my first home brewed batch of mead/madhu :heart_eyes:

Me too! I’ve been doing some research and found a lemon-lime mead called Nectarade. It comes in a 6-pack and is so good!

Hi Eva, Thank You for your quick response. Please have a look on the below photos of how does Indian beekeeping actually look!


So now I want to understand how mover innovative we can do so that according to the climatic conditions ( as climate conditions In India are very much Variable).


That’s Correct! And there are various other Version in Sanskrit as well where Honey is been treated as Sudh meaning Pure/Holy. So it is Used in every worship as Well.

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Wow, it’s one thing to read the number and another to see all those hives! They look like 10 frame Langstroths to me, is that correct?

My brother just sent me this link to a video about wild honey hunters in Nepal.

Yes true… I normally prefer keeping 8 frame.