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Greetings from a beginner in Nacogdoches, Texas!


Hello, everyone. I’m Melissa, and I’m preparing to begin beekeeping for the first time. I’ve always been an interested admirer of bees, but I’ve had a long and busy career which kept me from keeping. Well, I’ve just retired, and it’s time to prepare and begin. I received my Flow Hive months ago, and it is still boxed and awaiting assembly. I figured before I construct, I need education. I have several books, and I’ve found a group that does classes that I’m planning on attending. I’ve also found a nearby beekeeping club that I plan on connecting with. Despite all of that, I know that keeping with Flow Hive will be different, so I’m here to learn from all of you. :grinning:
Is there a Texas group or thread established here? If so, I haven’t found an active one in my searches.
Thanks in advance for the support of this community!:v:


Sweet Melissa is redundant… :wink:


I see what you did there @Michael_Bush
I wonder if @SweetMelissa does?

μέλισσα - (Melissa) Is Greek for Honey Bee
μέλι - (Meli) Means “Sweet”

This also applies to Russian:
милая (milaya) Means “Sweet” as well.

I was a linguist long ago :slight_smile:


Ah ha! Fellow linguists! Yes, I did (and do) know! I was primarily a theatre teacher / director, but I taught English as well. I love etymology! Perhaps my name encouraged my bee appreciation.

Thanks, guys!


Now you are coming to appreciate entomology too! :smile:

It really isn’t. The Flow hive should just be treated as a different way of harvesting honey. Everything else should be treated exactly as your local beekeepers do things. If they use two deep brood boxes, you should too. If they take harvesting supers off over winter, you need to do that as well. If they have trouble with small hive beetles, so will you.

There are several Texas beekeepers on here, like @Martydallas among others, but we tend to interact as a large community in the forum, rather than splitting into little cliques! :blush: Having said that, I am sure that Marty and others will have local knowledge to share when you need it. :wink:


Thanks, @Dawn_SD! This is greater encouragement to connect locally ASAP, although I’m certainly looking forward to interacting with others from all over the world.


@SweetMelissa I served as a Russian Linguist during the Cold War. The Greek/Slavic ties are many.


I am looking forward to continuing interaction with you too! I think we can learn a lot from each other, and the ideas from around the world are really fascinating. There are many good ways to keep bees, and I learn something helpful from this community just about every day.

You don’t look anywhere near old enough. You must have been a teenage volunteer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can send the check later… :smile:


You’re too kind @Dawn_SD and I appreciate it :slight_smile:


any help I can be let me know. it is over 200 miles from my home but I am always up for a motorcycle trip :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Martydallas!
I’m a fellow motorcycle enthusiast, BTW. I have a Yamaha Virago, and my husband has a couple of Triumphs. These days we prefer to do scenic rides to distance rides though. :bike:


I would tend to agree absolutely once I’m on a ride and get out of Dallas I might do a long ride it’s nothing but slow back roads:-)


My name is Chuck Rhodes. I live between Nac and Cushing. I’m a newbie also.
I started in late April. Which club are you talking with?


Hi Melissa, Dave here. We’re in Central Heights and have had our Flow hive up for about 3 weeks. I purchased our NUC from a Apiary in Tyler and did a Frame swap, so my frames came fully loaded with Brood and honey. Because the brood box was full we immediately put the Honey super on and the bees immediately began to clean them up. No honey yet in the super, but hoping some will show soon.