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Hands up who has increased their Honey Consumption


Before bees we (2 people) consumed around 1 Kg of honey in 6-8 weeks.
Currently we are consuming 1 Kg in 3-4 weeks. :astonished:
Not saying it’s good or bad but who else has increased consumption?


God yeh!

Before the hives we rarely bought it as the good stuff was a bit expensive. The ordinary stuff was just that, ordinary at best.
But now!

Going to start using it in cakes as can’t really get rid of the stuff.


Hi Busso, I can put my hand up, we certainly use more honey than we would have before we started keeping bees.


2 years ago - I’d be lucky to have eaten 1kg in a year… These days I go through that in a month! Which still leaves me with a huge excess of honey.

Every day now I eat a tablespoon in my super smoothie… (todays: dates, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds. banana, honey, parsely, mint, squeezed oranges, olive oil, mandarin, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, goji berries, shredded cocunut, cinnamon, water: incredible!)

Years ago I heard honey wasn’t that good for us- just a lot of calories- but it turns out all sugars were not born equal:

according to new research- honey is VERY good for our good gut bacteria- which in turn helps with so many things:


Hell yeah. Honeycomb on toast. Could never affor that before! Now there’s always one open.

Lemon and honey and apple cider vinegar every day… yum!


If you have an excess of honey, there are likely some local homebrewers who make mead that would be happy to help… :grinning:


Out of interest: how much mead can you make from a kg of honey?


Depends on the recipe, but between half and one gallon (2 to 4 liters).


Christmas is only 4 months away.


Simple answer: 2.8 litres if using a ratio of 25% honey to 75% water for a medium sweet mead, the key is to use a Mead yeast, many of the champagne or wine yeast consume all the sugars and leave a slight medicinal taste… not pleasaat at all…


Ah-ha! That might be why my first taste of mead (made by an acquaintance) was like cough syrup - wrong yeast used. Interesting…thankfully I’ve had my concept of mead smartly corrected since then by @Cowgirl, who gave me some of hers - fabulous!

And re @busso’s question, my hand is definitely up - comb honey on toast every morning :honeybee::two_hearts:


So glad to hear this, my initial experience of Mead was something similar, then I tasted a homebrewers Mead who was winning awards and it was sensational, like a well-aged sherry… no going back now… though have not yet managed to create anything fantastic as yet… work in progress! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Exactly!! And aging is clearly the key


My mum made some mead last season from some left over unripe nectar/honey. I was surprised that it was more like a dry white wine than a syrupy sweet drink- I think I was expecting a desert wine type thing. I’ll have to ask her what type of yeast she used. Hers is still aging away.


The yeast does help but the honey ratios in the mix is what determines dry or sweetness.
For dry a ratio of 22% honey to 78% water
For sweet its 30% honey to 70% water
These are measured by volume, you have to remember that 1kg of honey equates to about 0.7 litres. Hope you are good with maths, I have a conversion sheet I have written up for my demi-john sizes to help me.


possibly. that kind of research requires some expensive testing to verify.

a good direction though!


We three were eating 500gms a fortnight, and now we’re happily chowing through 500gms a week. It goes in the yoghurt, the cake, the herb teas, we munch the comb, friends eat it, visitors want it, … and i would like to taste mead.