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Making mead. Hints, tips and recipes


Mead or honey wine is the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man. It is made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast. It may be still, carbonated, or sparkling; it may be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.


This is the lnk to the recipe I use as it gives variations depending on how much honey is used. I think flow hives will mean lots of honey for people who would have just bought wee jars in the past. With your own hive producing heaps to use and cook with mead is a lot of fun. Raw honey makes it extra special and delicious​:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


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The only mead I have ever tried was very sweet and I didn’t care for it. But I like very dry wine/champagne so maybe a drier variety would do it for me. I’m excited to find out.


I’m really looking forward to playing around with this. I’ve tried mead before and not been too keen on it but from what i’ve read it seems there’s potential for a wide variety of flavours and could be as much fun as making your own beer. :smile:


Came across a good range of Mead and Beer recipes here for those interested:


Some extensive testing required…


I have an extensive step-by-step tutorial (including lots of hints and tips) on how to make mead here:

It outlines how to make mead in three weekends of work (said weekends separated by some time in between), includes equipment and ingredients needed, some safety tips and a big troubleshooting section built up over several years’ worth of people asking questions.

Note: I’ve been making mead for 15 years now. In part, I’m taking up beekeeping as a more effective way of getting tasty honey


I have a site for mead, you can find a lot of good recipes and mead related topics there…


:purple_heart: the medieval recipe, we’ll have to try it.

We’ve been making Ethiopian Tej, which uses gesho and a 5 week fermentation process, and needs long hot days to brew properly.


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