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Harlequin Bugs!

Anyone got any idea whether harlequin bugs are bad for the bees? I’ve seen a few on my hives and under the bottom boards (not in the hive).
I know they’re generally not welcome in the veggie garden but keen to hear your experiences with the bees & any remedies you have to keep them away?
I’m in Melbourne, Australia by the way :slight_smile:

I’m sure they just eat plants. Cabbages?

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They are pretty harmless Sharna, probably just using your hive as a perch to congregate.

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Hi Sharna. I live half time in gippsland and had a huge infestation of harlequins on raspberries, fruit trees and holly hocks ??!!. I followed peter Cundalls advice and sprayed them with diluted kitchen detergent. Apparently it ruins their waxy coating. I’m not sure how one manages that with bees but it certainly worked in general.