Harvested in 2017 - Dallas, Texas, USA

LOL Eva last year reached out and bought some honey from me. A honey exchange would be cool. This is not buckwheat well at least I am 99.9% positive, have not had it tested yet. Have had the others tested and this is darker than my very first batch but not quite as dark as my second harvest last year which was late fall.

I am just utterly amazed that there feeling the frames backed up only after three days. This just goes to speak your right on the fact they needed more room to place honey.

Thank you very much for your input.

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just posting another photo of day 4 after harvest


That’s really amazing Marty- at this rate it will be full again in no time

2 more days , this is what I remember from the flow hive first videos, talking about how quickly they can fill the frames and that you can harvest anytime. This is amazing to me, so many thanks to the flow team


Well, I have an interesting photo too. Tell me what to do from this image :smiling_imp:

Hi Dawn, I’d look inside and check the middle two, and if they are appropriately capped …drain them. Have you already inspected? Was it not as expected?

I have.

“Not as expected”, hmmmm. Tough question. Not as hoped, but somewhat as expected, given that bees will be bees! :smile:

Ok…I’ll have another go…how about when you opened it up, the window ends of the two middle frames were full, but each frame had more or less one whole side /end uncapped? Answer, wait a week and inspect again?

Almost. :smile: Actually what I found was a beautiful arc of totally capped honey, above a half ellipse of totally empty cells. Probably 50% capped honey and 50% empty cells. They left space for the queen to lay, but as I use an excluder, she can’t. The brood boxes are pretty full of honey and brood, so I took a couple of frames of each out of the brood box and donated them to a weaker hive, replacing them with new empty frames of foundation. Hopefully now they will get the message that the Flow super can all be used, as the queen has space in the brood boxes once more. :blush:

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Too bad you couldn’t extract any full honey frames in the brood box and return them towards the center immediately. Are those brood box frames potentially syrup and not honey?

Sounds like they want to expand their brood nest but can’t?

I wanted to, but I don’t have a Langstroth-sized extractor. :wink:

I hope not! Haven’t fed since winter (early December), and their weight was going down until late February, long after I stopped feeding.

That was what I thought, hence removing the frames of honey and brood. :blush:

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Like will harvest 3 of the middle frames on sunday. Looking into the back it looks like they are capped. I will do a hive inspection on Saturday do see. I will keep all posted :slight_smile:


Harvest the last 2 frames, for one full round. Will start next weekend with harvesting the next round. it will be ready again. Just amazed well this is working this year when I did not think this year was going to be good with all the queen issues I had and the mite issues as well. even though the girls did not put any honey in the bottom middle ( about the size of your fist) in the frame, I was able to get more honey out of this harvest than before.

I also just brought back my second hive from my mentors house. Re-queening went well. the girls are calm. I hope they say that wall


Beekeeping status= Professional :sunglasses:


Also when the frames are fully or mostly capped, from what I can see as a NEWbee is you don’t need to test it for moisture i.e. with a refractometer. for all my frames that I tested when fully or mostly capped was close to 17% or less. I had one frame that was closer to 15% that 16, was really supprised

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I thought I would post this photo. Packaging in 16 ounce/1 pound bottles now. Taken with my iPhone iOS 11, beta bug in the software could not do depth of field when editing. I’m sure it’ll get fixed. Would look to better with the background slightly blurred/fuzzy


Hi Marty, those bottles look very attractive to me as a honey buyer. Love that figurine of you and your hive.
I just bought an unattractively labeled glass of Manuka honey and doubt it is what it says. Cost a fortune, and is more runny than my own honey. I think it’s bs.
Would sure prefer yours.

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I know mine is not cheep ether :slight_smile: I know some of the client’s/people that I will be buying my honey so I know :sunglasses: they can afford it.

4oz $6.00
8oz $11.00
16oz $20.00

the bottle are not cheep ether, it is all about the packaging/advertisement.

Agree. With a little bit of effort and soul our honey reflects all the love and excitement we put into our beekeeping. Includes the packaging. Included in price.


Replying to my message here because the 2 frames I harvested on May 30, 2017 I will harvested again this coming sunday. Frames are full and better than 50% capped today. I will be testing the honey.

is there a detriment other than moisture content for harvesting the honey before 100% capped?