Harvested in 2017 - Dallas, Texas, USA

I thought Dawn_SD mentioned somewhere that the frames are more apt to leak honey down the face of them if the cappings aren’t in place. Maybe it was someone else idk.

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understand, I and I could see that. But from what I can see that does not happen, if one opens it up 20% at a time. I do that anyway regardless if it is fully capped or not. Last year I harvested each time with it not capped at all and I never experienced it leaking.

I guess, I was looking for something like it is not good for the bees? with me testing for moisture, I know it will be ok. it seams to me that if I harvest at 50% capped and the honey is at or below 18%, last harvest it was closer to 16% this would allow the girls to use there energy not to cap the cells in these frames but to move honey to the other frames.

I’d say as long as you aren’t experiencing any leaks and the honey tests within acceptable limits, go for it.

Guilty, milord… :sunglasses:

The Flow frame design relies on “sheared off” wax cappings to hold the honey behind them and direct it into the collection channel at the bottom of the frame and then into the Flow tube. If the frame is uncapped, much more honey will leak from the face of the frame. You will probably still get a harvest, just not as much.

I harvested a frame 2 days ago which was probably 90-95% capped. The honey tested at 17.5% water. I got about 4 to 6oz less honey from it than from my fully capped frames. Not too bad, but still something to think about. Like @Martydallas, I always harvest the frames in sections - helps to minimize disruption if the frame does leak.

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