Harvesting and leak problem

hi guys im a newbie in central west nsw aus , my girls have got a great flow happening atm and ive harvested frames 1 and 5 that were ready ( honey cells filled thru front window) but it looks from the top like they are joining the flow frames and ive got a leak later after harvesting , has anyone come across this , i did take 2 honeycomb from their frames in a 1/2 box i have situated between the super and brood below , maybe i didnt clean it off enough .

Hi Julie, & welcome to the forum.
It would be good if you could share some photos, or indicate how bad the leak was. If it’s a minor leak, bees will normally clean it up without any problems. If it’s a major leak, bees will still attempt to clean it up, however with difficulty, which can on the odd occasion lead to hive beetle activity.

It can also cause the bees to beard at the entrance, which could be the bees giving room for the house bees to clean up, which is only my guess.

Co-incidentally, @danika recently uploaded a video by Cedar, “Flow frames tips and tricks”. Something in that video might be of some help.


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Hi Julie, The flow has been coming in really strong these last few weeks for NSW.

I am not quite sure I am following what you mean by this, is it that the bees are putting comb between the Flow Frames next to each other, or as you are harvesting bees are still inside the cells? If a bee is in a cell when you harvest they can wiggle out unharmed, however they can also block the cell and honey could possibly leak over the top of the bee, after the harvest the other bees will clean her up. But that could be a reason for the leaking if thats what you are referring to. Residual honey might be leaking from the recently harvest honey comb if you cut this out and put it back in the hive. Bees will clean it up quickly also. Pictures would be helpful if you can.