Harvesting partial capped frames wax debris

Just packed my hives down for the winter and removed my flow super. I harvested some frames that were full but only capped on one side, both were 16.5% on the refractometer so all good. I noticed these small pieces of wax in the tubs 1mm x 5/7mm, I didn’t see this on my first harvest on the other full frames using my multi manifold in a larger bucket.
No big deal but wondered if any one else has seen this?
Very regular in size and shape.

They look like small pieces of plastic.

Or also like wax maybe?

Hi John - I notice that you have said it is wax. I’m assuming you picked some out of the honey to test? Did you notice at what stage the bits of wax came out during the process? Early on for instance?

Looks the right size to be wax from the channels between the cells. I agree with @Dan2, I would dip the tip of spoon in and do a “tooth test” on them. If it is wax, you can safely eat them. If not, I would strain the honey - either a kitchen sieve, or a new pair of ladies tights! :yum:

It’s definitely wax as I already tried the tooth test, I can’t say that I watched that closely to see when they came out during the process.
Maybe something to look at if someone else is doing a harvest of a partial capped frame over the northern hemisphere season, as we won’t being doing this again for another 6 months or so. :sob:.

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As it is definitely wax, I am sure that the channels are the source - the dimensions are perfect for that little channel gap. Thank you for confirming this.

Good idea. Given that it was partially capped, are you refrigerating/freezing it? Or have you tested it with a refractometer?

Hi Dawn - he tested it at 16.5 percent…

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Dang it, I hate it when I prove that I am getting senile… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All good it comes to all of us!

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I just harvested some incomplete flow frames- and I saw a few of the same little wax strips. I strained mine out.


Semaphore, glad it’s not just my bees constructions abilities then.
I used a tea strainer to scoop/filter them off the top of the tubs and jars as as far as I could see they had all risen to the top.

No worries: It’ll get strained out after consumption unless you do it before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: