Has the new queen hatched in the split hive?

In this livestream, Cedar and Bija checked on the new split was that made 2 weeks ago. There were queen cells in the brood box, so they looked for the newly hatched queen.

Highlights on today’s timeline include:

00:00 - Hive tool intro
03:50 - Virgin queen bee
05:46 - Frame inspection
11:50 - Double brood box
16:15 - Beginner’s tips
19:52 - Hatched queen cup
24:54 - Winter preparation
28:16 - Shaking frames
31:32 - Pollen balls
35:52 - Condensation in hive
42:15 - When to split
47:50 - Beekeeping smoker
54:17 - Hive on a roof

Read the full transcript here.

Have you done a split yet this season? If so how did it go, and did you let it raise its own queen? Tell us your stories!