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Height of the hive


Hi everyone. First year of bee keeping. Is there a recommended height for the hive? Looking at videos and pics they all seem low to the ground. I was going to put mine 75cm to a metre high.
Any advice would be great.


Hi Glann, @watta

These linked topics above go into the issue to some depth so worth a read of the various views.


Good height I’m not a beekeeper my father was and he use to have his sit on A frames about 45 to 65cm off the ground for the reason others have stated.


I like 18 to 20 inches. 2 cinder blocks high. When you start adding boxes it gets tall fast.


It can be determined by your own height being taken into consideration. I am 168 cms and mine are 25 cms off the ground. That gives me an ideal height to remove frames from the super before I remove the super and the queen excluder to still work relatively comfortably to check the brood frames and not to suffer from back ache. I work from the ground next to the hive.
A hive at ground level is laying you open to many bad issues and should be avoided at all costs. I have a pallet on two besser blocks high with the hives sitting on the top of the pallet.
Regards Glenn


Thanks Peter, that’s what i was thinking. Have a good height shelf ready to go. Once again thankyou for your information. Starting to get very excited, just waiting for my bees to arrive.


Thanks mate. Hadn’t really thought about when i add extra boxes.


Thank Nicky, looks like i should be fine with the shelf i have.


Hi Watta,
Mine are 1.5 feet off the ground for splashing rain, or snow and to keep above opossums who like to eat bees. it’s also a little bit easier to stand and inspect.


Hey @Martha, have you tried girding up your loins yet? I bet that would help a lot with splashing rain. :smile: :rofl: :heart_eyes:


I did gird my loins and it works great with a beach towel too!


Am I the only one missing what this is about?:anguished: Come on Dawn, you can’t corrupt my mind if I haven’t a clue what it is about
Regards :thinking:


It was on a different thread, @Peter48. Sorry about that. I was teaching @Martha the meaning of the phrase, and how to actually go about doing it. She said she would try it in a maxi dress (long full skirt) on her boat. I asked for pictures, but she hasn’t posted any yet… :smiling_imp: :clown_face:

Edit: Here is a link to the old thread:


I posted your jpeg demonstration on facebook for an amusment and it was funny!


yeah- I’m with peter on this one- I like to make stands that are roughly a bit below knee height- any lower and you have to stoop to work on the brood box- and any taller and things get awkward when you add a few more boxes.

If I had two brood boxes I might even have lower stands.


Which way are you going, with conventional Langstroth super or with a Flow Hive Super?
I am guessing you are buying a nuc and with it being spring time it won’t be long till you have a hive full of bees and honey.
Cheers Glenn