Positioning height above ground of Flow Hive

I have just set up my first flow hives. I’m wondering if it’s OK to have them off the ground as shown

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Hi @Savo, I have my hives on wrought iron chairs that I cut the backrest off. They would be a tad higher then yours and although I’m vertically challenged, I can still reach the Super to remove without a drama. If you intend putting more brood boxes on, just remember how high you will need to reach. Hope this helps, happy bee keeping :+1:

Good to know. I did it to stop undesirables and it also should provide better cooling/ventilation. :+1::+1:

@Savo Sounds like a plan, if you get any cane toads or lizards, they may still climb onto the bases, especially from the higher garden edge ( hive on the right). I have mine sat in a concrete slab and think the warmth in summer makes a nice romantic ambience for the critters…that is until I come along :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@Savo i found that mine weren’t high enough and i was getting a back ache doing the inspections.
So i just made a stool to sit on.

@Dazs_life In my case, being vertically challenged, I would need a stool….so I could stand on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


Excuse my ignorance but what are the plastic strips with writing on that you have put on top of the brood box and super?

@Savo you might be referring to the two SHB traps I have put between the frames.

Daz, what type of SHB traps are they?

Hi @Savo these are the ones i have.

Reusable Small Hive Beetle trap