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Hello from Bahrain, Middle East

Hello everyone from Bahrain!

Hi fellow beekeepers, I have started my long awaited bee project last February when my first hive was brought by a professional certified beekeeper who is training me as I go along. In order to learn more and with big interest to acquiring a flow beehive in the garden, I thought to join the forum. Many concerns this time of the year. Bees have been bearding mostly night time since June and upon instruction of my trainer I have started to put 50/50 mix of cinnamon/soybean to provide sufficient protein. I am not harvesting, but learning, and appreciating having bees. Honey amount is sufficient for them to get through the summer but am very concerned about access to protein and to manage the high temperatures and humidity which is this year higher than “normal”. Apparant temperature goes up to and over 62C in august. My fellow bee passionate friends and I are looking into the flow hive which might provide more comfort for the bees compared to the traditional hive and I would also be very grateful if any of you experienced beekeepers have any tips to keep the bees happy under such daunting weather conditions. Thank you all and thank you Flow for having me on board!

Welcome Mitzi! You and I are on similar tracks. I got my first colony of bees last spring, and am getting ready to move them into a Flow Hive. You’ll find a lot of good people and information in this forum!

I suspect your mentor knows something important…and although the temperatures here in northern Canada hit only 42C this summer…can’t imagine 62C. Likely it will accelerate blooming times if there are any blooms…which means a likely dearth of pollen. I also protein supplement with commercially available patties when pollen sources deplete in the late summer/fall.

I think the key word was “apparant (sic)”

That is crazy hot though and you will likely need shade for your hives!

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Accelerated blooming is a very mild way to put it :slight_smile:
I lived a good part of my life 70km away from the edge of a desert where temperatures were never reaching 50C. At the beginning of May, it was a sea of green and flowers. By mid-June place was scorched dead.

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