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Hello from tropical Central/East Africa


I’ve ordered the Flow Full and it’ll arrive later in the year. I’m in Kigali, Rwanda and interested in connecting with others who have kept (or currently do keep) bees in climates like I’m in. I’m at altitude and the weather here is roughly 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Does anyone know about beekeeping people or resources in such a climate? I’m curious for any and all resources on this subject.

I’ve yet to connect with a local beekeeping club, but I will!


Jellybush, Manuka or Crystallised Honey in the Flow™ Hive

Hi Bungee! What I have been doing is going on YouTube and watching videos of beekeeper in the region of the U.S. I am going to live in. You might find someone that has been recording their progress as well as many others out there around the world that might give you ideas on how to solve different problems you may have.


Thanks, Shawn. I appreciate your point.

I’ve found very little for Rwandan beekeepers online–there’s just not the internet connectivity and YouTube culture as much here. But I suppose it’s a developing country, so…

I’m going to hook up with a local beekeeping club soon, so hopefully that’ll be fruitful!

Thanks for responding!


Hi All

My father is using the traditional way Of producing honey in Morocco. I am exciting to see if it works with this new system but I was told that African bees don’t the like the boxes.

Anyone experience with this system in Northern Africa?




This is a page on FB that I started. As you learn stuff feel free to share.