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Hello from From Donnybrook W.A

Hello from Donnybrook Western Australia. New beek here. Anyone from Donnybrook?


Welcome to the forum 3jk, your hive looks cool, well done. :ok_hand:
@ChrisC is near Donnybrook and plenty other down south.
Much flowering around you?

Thanks not much flowering around here. 1 Marrie in every 100 it seems. A few Karri trees that were planted on the property are lightly flowering.

Hi James Welcome. Great paint job on the hive.


Thanks Adam. But I can’t take credit for the paint job. My wonderful partner was responsible. She is very talented

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It is a funny season all right. Karri flower mid to late Winter but can go through to Spring. Flowering in Autumn??? weird.
I think the Marri time has passed. I am seeing the Autumn flush which says, flowering has finished, before it started.