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Hello from Canberra, Australia


Hi there,
we’ve just received our flow-hive and I’m about to start building! We plan to put it up on our property just East of Canberra (on Sutton Rd). Any other Canberra flow-hive owners around?



Good for you :smile: when was your order to arrive? This month? I am hopping it came early for I am so excited that it is getting close to Dec. for that is when mine it do.


Hi Marty,
Mine is early! I was part of the Dec 2015 group :smile:

I think I was in the earlier part of that group - my order was acknowledged by e-mail on 23 Feb. When did your order go in

Can’t be long now!



I don’t remember, just it is do to be delivered in Dec. WOW!! maybe soon :smile:
So excited


Yep, we have a flow hive at Aurecon Canberra office. Ours has been up and running since early October, we are almost ready to put the flow super on!

Here is a photo of it from a few months back:


Hi. We’ve ordered our Flow hive however it is not due for some time. Our hive will be in Hawker. We are setting up an 8 frame brood box in anticipation to add our Flow hive super next spring. If there are any tips we’d love to read them.


Yep there’s a few of us, and even a group on here you can join - South Eastern NSW & Canberra Australia Bee Keepers

Ours has been up and running since early October too and the girls are just moving into the super now.