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Hello From Hagerstown, MD - USA


Just populated my ever first hive with 4 trays of bees will see how it goes in 3 weeks or so. Hello Everyone!!!

New Beekeeper - Question about my bees being happy or angry

Welcome to beekeeping! You will enjoy the experience


Welcome to the fascination of bee keeping. Do regular hive inspection when the weather is good and the forum has a host of valuable information and good folks. You will have days that are a lot of fun and satisfaction with the odd day that you wonder why you are doing it, but it is also rewarding just to see your first full frame of honey.


Thank you Cread8482 and Peter48.


Hello and welcome. I’m over in Baltimore. I know my bees are enjoying this nectar flow when it’s not raining.


Thank you bigB.
We should get together sometime, I am about an hour and 15 minute. We can show each other our hives and may be I can learn a few things.


Welcome to this amazing board!