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Hello from Maryland!

Hello Everyone!

We are new (soon-to-be) beekeepers in Northern Maryland, near the Pennsylvania line.

While our ‘Bee Yard’ is still a work in progress, we do have our Flow Hive set up and are anxiously waiting for our package of bees to arrive within the next two weeks.

The top ‘brood box’ is on right now only to conceal/protect the pail feeder that we will be using once our bees arrive. The adjustable bungee cords on the sides are just an added measure to secure the roof.


So excited to be a part of this community, learning, and embarking on this new adventure!


I’m in Baltimore county. Welcome to the forum and the ever fascinating world of beekeeping

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Welcome to the forum. That’s a fine setup you have there.

I’m in south western New Jersey near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Welcome @MarylandFlowHive - your boxes look very nice. Just curious, since it looks very woodsy where you are, do you ever see bear out there?

I’m in Southeastern PA, just north of Philly. Second year beekeeper with two nucs I just installed on Friday. I only have the one Flow super so I’ll be into some comb honey & other extraction methods too (hopefully!)

Good luck on Package Day :rainbow::honeybee::two_hearts:

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I live like 15 minutes form the pa line! I’m close to HMS. How’s the flow been so far?